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May 17, 2011
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Sanya and Kelsey by KraiggoWaffles Sanya and Kelsey by KraiggoWaffles
Sanya and Kelsey are two OCs of mine of the same race - they share a father. I will get into that later.

I am changing the direction of one of my projects.

I'm not sure how well this will work but Sanya and Kelsey are now the main heroines of Project Dominion.

Project Dominion is a supernatural-oriented action/comedy project. What it'll be by the time I'm done? A novel maybe. I dunno, still tossing the idea around :o

The story is simple: These two animal-tailed individuals are both split up in Canada, born of the same father - an evil supernatural being who wants to take down the Dominion using these two. Both their mothers though sacrifice themselves during childbirth to save their respective daughters from that evil plan.

However, a third daughter isn't so lucky. She's nowhere to be found and unfortunately it's gonna stay that way... until the "time is right".

Growing up with a "mark" if you will - an animal-like tail, the two daughters are split up. One lives in Sarnia, Ontario, the other in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Despite being bullied, Sanya is able to slowly earn her peers respect, being very sociable and immune to bullying. Kelsey, on the other hand, has almost no one it seems. It's when Sanya takes a fateful road-trip she runs into her half-sister at a gas station somewhere between Sarnia and Winnipeg.

Sanya's doing decently with a new adoptive family, while Kelsey isn't doing too well. Sanya asks her to join her on her journey back to Sarnia. She does so, with nowhere else to go.

The two eventually learn of Sanya's origin, which is very similar to Kelsey's origin. Sanya's adopted Father takes Kelsey in, despite both girls being very close to coming of age.

Adopted, the two reunited sisters make a Yin and Yang complex, and decide to take a Roadtrip Eastward to Eastern Ontario and Quebec. However, in Toronto they stop at a mall where a fateful event occurs - their third sister shows up, and is ready to take the mall by storm with her team of goonies.

It's up to these two sisters to overpower the terrorists and stop their unknown rival - their little sister, Abby Original.


More on the individuals themselves.

Sanya is a goofball who loves hugging, touching and is generally a very silly girl. Despite this, Sanya is good at archery, clay plate shooting, but not so good at math and studies. Her father taught her some tricks to avoid the bullies that tease her about the tail.

Kelsey is slightly more serious, not much of a huggy-type, and is very prone to getting angry. However, growing up on the streets of Winnipeg, she's learned SOME things about self defense. She also knows more about finances than her sister, being frugal and all.

Sanya loves clothes, and chose her sister's primary outfits - right down to the Dr. Martens sandals they both wear religiously.

Both characters are (c) me, art done by me.

Oh. And this is the first major piece of art done using Adobe Illustrator by me.
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